YouTube Creators Can Now Add a 3-Second Intro to All Their Videos

Finally, YouTube makes a change that is for the better. “YouTubers” can now create and add a 3 second long intro to all of their videos. From Mashable’s article about the news-

To set it up, you need to upload the 3-second introductory video as an unlisted video, and then select “add a channel branding intro” on your channel’s InVideo Programming page. Then you can choose which videos the intro will appear on.

This is a handy feature that saves the extra time of editing an intro into each uploaded video. These intros will start automatically before every video uploaded on that account. YouTube does specify that “the intros may not be used as ads, sponsorships, or product placements — they’re mainly a tool to help you promote your brand.” While I am not much of a YouTube uploader, I appreciate YouTube making a positive change for once. I was getting tired of changes that broke functions of YouTube and having Google+ rammed down my throat.


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