Twitter Is Getting a Mute Button?

You all know that person that you follow on Twitter that you want to unfollow, but for various reasons, you can’t. Well, Twitter will be introducing a solution to that problem- the mute button. According to The Verge, some users are noticing this new feature on both iOS and Android version of the apps, giving you a way to (finally) silence the accounts of users you follow but don’t want to see in your Timeline. In using this feature, the account you mute will never know of the action (unless they ask if you saw their tweet and catch you in it).

This idea of muting isn’t new, as third-party clients TweetDeck and Tweetbot offer ways to mute accounts as well. However, this will be the first time the feature is included in Twitter’s native app. I personally like the feature, as I don’t want to unfollow a few people for the fear of the “Hey, why did you unfollow me?” conversation thanks to apps that tell you when people unfollow you. On the flip side, I’m sure a few people will use this feature on me during football season.


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