How to Hunt for a Job Using Social Media

Forget about looking on job websites, in newspapers, or finding job opening signs around town. The new way to find a job? Social media. In an article posted on Mashable, Yohana Desta suggests how to find a job opening through social media. She lists 5 social media services that are great tools for a job hunt- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Desta goes into detail for each platform on how to find the position you’re looking for.

This article is really interesting to me because I’ve had three jobs in my life so far, along with the fourth one that I’m working on for this summer. In my searches for those jobs, I never once thought about using social media to find those positions. I did what most people do- use job searching websites such as Indeed, Monster, and Snagajob. Or, I simply drove around town looking for help wanted signs. I know that social media is a very powerful platform, but I never thought about using it to find my next job.

In the future, I’m definitely going to take advantage of social media in my job search, starting with my search for this summer. Hopefully it leads to a new, interesting opportunity for me!


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