Flappy Bird: A Horrible Game

Today, Mashable posted a story about the new iOS and Android game, Flappy Bird. According to the article, the app ranked at number one in the App Store this week, ahead of social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And this angers me. I don’t understand at all why this game has become popular. The helicopter game premise has been done many times. In these helicopter games, the helicopter, in the case of this game, a bird, moves horizontally automatically while the user controls the height, by clicking or tapping the screen. The idea is to get as far as you can, avoiding objects, such as the green tubes in Flappy Bird. Sounds like a simple and fun game right?

No, not at all in the case of Flappy Bird. First and foremost, the game is broken. The first time I downloaded and tried to play the game, upon making my first tap to start the game, Apple’s GameCenter loaded and the banner at the top caused it lag heavily. Not only that, once I lost by hitting a tube, THE GAME CRASHED. ON THE FIRST TRY. That says everything right there. Secondly, the art style is a complete rip off of the original Super Mario Bros. Way to be original Dong Nguyen (the app’s creator). Lastly, the game is just stupid hard. The slightest little tap causes the bird to fly up way too much, causing you to hit the tubes way too easily. In my 10 minutes of playing the game, that is all I could take, I only got a high score of 3.

I just do not understand why this game is the most downloaded app on the App Store right now. People have been posting all over social media about this game, and how much they hate it. Maybe something to do with the snowball effect of “Oh this person is playing and posting about this game, I want to go try it?” I don’t know. When I play video games, I want to be challenged, but nothing like the level of challenge in Flappy Bird. I want to be entertained and have fun when I’m playing a game, and I don’t get any of those feelings when I play it. If anyone has any ideas as to why this game became popular, please comment below, because I have no idea.


2 thoughts on “Flappy Bird: A Horrible Game

  1. I think you’re right with the reason why it’s so popular; mainly because it’s a hot topic of social media right now. Personally, I haven’t taken the time to download it, nor do I have the slightest interest in playing it. People are complaining a lot about how annoying and frustrating it gets, and I think that’s due to it looking easy but really isn’t.

    I saw some memes and edited pictures of it relating to the Super Bowl last night, too. It’s safe to say that the creators of the game did a good job to get it talked about and downloaded!

  2. I also have to agree that the popularity of the app is stemming both from mention on social media and by word of mouth. Although many people are complaining about how they don’t like the game and how hard it is, I still see many people still play it because they take it as a challenge. Like Dan, I also have not downloaded the app so I personally have not experienced the craze. However, this seems to be another phase in which a game, such as Candy Crush, becomes extremely popular on social media and everyone decides they want to jump on the bandwagon and play.

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