Vine at One: A Creative Tool That’s Changing Lives

Today, the social media service Vine turned one year old. It has grown massively in that one year, with at least 40 million users. I myself have an account, and many of my friends do. I find myself on Vine pretty much daily. My nightly go-to-bed routine consists of laying down and watching Vines before I go to sleep. I enjoy Vine because it’s not very time consuming, (as long as you don’t scroll and watch every video on someone’s page, which I have done before) but very entertaining in that 6 seconds. I think that it’s really neat that people can simply own a smartphone, and create all of the wonderful content that is on Vine. No expensive cameras or editing software, just your smartphone. Because it is owned by Twitter, it is easy to find friends that are on both Twitter and Vine from your Twitter account.

The article talks about Viners making good money off their Vines, which I find interesting. It’s apparently much easier to make money on Vine than say, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Some of the famous Viners have gotten acting/comedian jobs from their Vines, which they never would have otherwise gotten, thanks to this social media platform. Other Viners have begun making Vines for businesses and companies, which I find interesting as well. Smart companies are taking advantage of Vine’s explosion and making creative advertisements on Vine. Pepsi is the latest example I can think of recently seeing. Nicholas Megalis has already released a song on iTunes that spawned from his “Gummy Money” Vine, and has a music video currently being produced.

Sure, Vine isn’t perfect, it has its issues just like any other social media platform. Like Twitter, pornography and other sensitive content is not banned from the service. However, on Vine, videos have that content are marked with a warning, and you must tap the video to have it start playing, as opposed to every other video starting to play automatically. Also, Curtis Lepore has been in the news lately for being charged with rape of Jessi Smiles, another famous Viner, and the article mentions this, but I don’t think that had anything to with Vine itself, just an idiot being an idiot. They could have easily met up through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or some other service.

Overall, however, I think Vine is a great social media platform and it’s amazing how fast it has grown over the last year. I hope that people continue to adopt Vine, and close the gap in the number of users between Twitter and Vine. I also hope that it doesn’t get changed too much, and get ruined like Facebook was ruined for me.


3 thoughts on “Vine at One: A Creative Tool That’s Changing Lives

  1. You write, “as opposed to every other video starting to play automatically,” and I’ll add, “Looking at you, Facebook.” So annoying.
    I’m glad I’m getting your insight into what makes Vine interesting. I have it on my phone and have posted a couple of times, but I’m not much of a user. Maybe I should try more often.

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